Semitruck Air Conditioning Service In Springfield, MA

radiator hose in engine

Driving during the summer months puts more demand on your truck’s air conditioning system, which is when it’s more likely to fail. When your truck’s A/C is on the fritz, it could blow very little air, hot air or no air at all. Driving for up to 11 hours when your air conditioner isn’t working properly can be torture. Our ASE-certified service technicians at Bay State Truck Service provide a full line of repair services that include truck air conditioning service. We cover everything from a simple A/C system recharge to complete A/C system replacement.

Common Reasons For A/C Failure

Your air conditioning system is complex and may fail for numerous reasons. Topping the list for A/C failure is refrigerant leaks. These leaks can occur from any of the system’s major components, including the compressor, evaporator and condenser. However, leaks have been known to occur in smaller components, including A/C lines, hoses, seals and O-rings. A/C failure can also be caused by a:

  • Blown fuse
  • Broken compressor
  • Broken compressor clutch
  • Clogged or damaged condenser
  • Defective expansion valve
  • Defective orifice tube
  • Dirty evaporator
  • Loose or broken drive belt
  • Loose wiring or connector issue
  • Vacuum leak to air control doors

Truck Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Our skilled technicians perform a detailed inspection to diagnose the problem with your air conditioning system. A comprehensive evaluation of your A/C system includes:

  • Examination of internal controls and blower
  • Thorough inspection of compressor belt for wear
  • A cooling system pressure test
  • A check of the radiator coolant operating temperature
  • Examination of radiator hoses, pressure cap and thermostat
  • Measurement of interior vent temperature

We also troubleshoot for leaks before recharging your system. If a leak is detected, we determine the cause of the leak and make appropriate repairs. If worn or damaged components are found, we replace them with high-quality parts after flushing all debris and contaminants from your system. Once all required repairs are complete, we recharge your A/C system with the appropriate type and amount of refrigerant.

Quality Air Conditioning Service In Springfield, Massachusetts

Maintaining a comfortable climate inside your cab is vitally important to your driving performance and safety, so we work quickly to restore your cooling system. We handle all your truck air conditioning service and repair needs at a price you can afford. Contact us to schedule A/C service today.