Basic Truck Maintenance: Brake Service

Brake Repair - Springfield, MA - Bay State TruckBrakes are the first line of safe driving for commercial truck maintenance. Depending on the vehicle’s brake design and duty cycle, they could need service every few months, or your vehicles might need maintenance on an unpredictable schedule that varies between trucks in your fleet. Don’t wait for symptoms of a brake problem to show themselves; come in to Bay State Truck Service Inc. for an expert brake inspection and brake service on all your commercial trucks.

Brake Service Basics

Brake systems vary considerably between truck models, from the relatively simple disc systems used on light trucks to hydraulic hybrid systems that capture waste heat and shunt it to the battery as energy every time the truck slows or stops. Each of these systems has unique requirements and inspection protocols, and Bay State Truck Service Inc. has the ASE-certified brake technicians to service them all. When you bring your vehicles to our garage for brake service, we can:

  • Inspect shoes, pads and other parts for signs of wear
  • Check hydraulic lines for leaks and equalized pressure
  • Repair or replace worn, defective and recalled parts
  • Test the brake system for normal operation and temperature norms

Does Your Fleet Need Brake Service?

Keeping your fleet on the road takes attention and regular service. Most trucks have a routine service schedule that calls for new pads, for example, every 250,000 to 300,000 miles. This varies a lot, however, since a light-duty truck might drive in a constant stop-and-go way that wears through pads very quickly, while some long-haul semis only have the brakes hit twice per shift. Whatever schedule your trucks are on, and whatever weight and operating tempo they deal with, it’s always a good idea to get your brakes checked and serviced if you have the slightest doubt about how they’ll perform on the road.

Schedule Truck Maintenance

Bay State Truck Service Inc. has the facilities and the technicians to accurately diagnose brake issues before they become a problem and help you keep your vehicles rolling safely. When you come in for a truck brake service appointment, we inspect your system both visually and with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that finds trouble spots before they develop. Don’t put off getting your trucks’ brakes serviced; give us a call at 413-543-5577 to set up an appointment, or roll into our Springfield, MA, garage for a comprehensive brake check and service.