Springfield Gas And Diesel Engine Repair

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When your business depends on deliveries that arrive exactly when expected, a malfunctioning truck can mean the difference between sinking sales and success. Our skilled team of maintenance and repair specialists have the diagnostic tools and experience to identify and fix problems with your semitruck’s gas and diesel engine, getting your team back on the road faster.

The Difference Between Gas And Diesel Engines

There’s only one way to ensure your truck always operates at peak performance: take it to a specialist. While most commercial garages are staffed by technicians trained to work on everyday transportation such as SUVs and sedans, the innerworkings of a commercial gas or diesel engine are more complicated. Understanding the difference — and knowing how to fix what we find — is our specialty.

Our team is second-to-none, with ASE-certified training and ongoing education designed to keep them in step with the latest industry innovations and information.

The Importance Of Regular Maintenance

Diesel engines require fewer maintenance checks compared to gas engines, but regular tune-ups are still vital and may help prevent larger problems.

When you bring in your diesel truck, we’ll perform a full workup, including the following:

  • Change the oil, air and fuel filters
  • Bleed the fuel system
  • Drain the water separators
  • Refill the urea injection system
  • Look for signs of wear and tear

We’ll even send you free email reminders when you’re due for maintenance, and our after-hours drop-box service gives busy owners extra options for flexible scheduling.

Identifying Problems

If you encounter an issue between regular maintenance appointments, our team can help source the root of the problem. From ignition problems to a “check engine” light that comes on every time your driver tries to haul their cargo over a hill, unidentified equipment woes can get your company schedule off track with remarkable speed. Bring your truck into Bay State Truck Service for personalized, expert attention, and we’ll have you back in business as soon as possible.

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Put your company in good hands with Bay State Truck Service. To schedule regular maintenance or bring your truck in for a repair, call our team at (413) 543-5577 or contact us online.