Bay State Semitruck Suspension Repair Services

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Your truck’s suspension provides you with a smoother ride and better control while driving. When your suspension system isn’t functioning correctly, you’ll feel every bump in the road. This can be bad news for you, your truck and your cargo, especially if you’re hauling a fragile load. Don’t let a faulty suspension slow you down or damage your goods; call the truck suspension repair experts at Bay State Truck Service. Our ASE-certified semitruck service technicians provide a full line of repair services that cover any minor or major repairs you might need.

Truck Suspension Systems

Semitruck suspensions utilize leaf spring, coil spring or air spring suspension systems. Most modern equipment systems use air suspension, which is very different from other systems. These systems replace a standard steel spring with a tough rubber bladder or bag of compressed air.

Air bags provide much better shock absorbency for your truck and trailer and are kept filled to the right capacity by an air compressor. This compressor also filters out moisture in the air to keep the air lines clean. Air suspension systems can have rolling sleeve, tapered sleeve or double-convoluted bags. Each type of bag offers unique benefits and meets different needs, but all three reduce vibration and shock absorption, helping your equipment last longer.

Air Suspension Repair

Air suspension systems are complicated. It’s vital you keep your suspension components in excellent working condition with regularly scheduled maintenance checks. When your suspension isn’t performing as it should, let our certified technicians diagnose and repair the problem. We can repair and rebuild your air suspension system, including required repairs caused by air bag/air strut, air line, air fitting, air compressor or dryer failure.

Quality Truck Suspension Repair In Springfield And Beyond

No matter what type of suspension system is in your rig, we handle all your truck suspension repair needs at a price you can afford. We’ve proudly served the Springfield, Massachusetts, area for over 40 years. We understand your commercial truck is your livelihood and make every effort to get your repairs done quickly to get you back on the road.

All our work is warranted at more than 700 facilities nationwide. If your tractor-trailer suffers a breakdown within 45 days of any repair we made, bring it into any of these facilities and they will honor our service warranty. Contact us at 413-543-5577 to schedule your suspension repair service today.