Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance Truck Services

Wheel Alignment and Tire Balance Springfield MAThe wheels and tires on your commercial trucks inevitably wear the longer they’re on the road. Truck models vary, and so do truck service duty schedules, so there’s no firm consensus on how often your trucks need a wheel alignment and tire balancing. However, it’s a good idea to get your steer wheels done every 20,000 miles or so for a medium-duty vehicle. The ASE-certified technicians at Bay State Truck Service Inc., of Springfield, MA, can get you in; check, balance and rotate your wheels and tires; and have you back up and running no matter what your duty schedule has been.

The Virtues of Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing

Just as passenger vehicles periodically need a wheel alignment and tire balance appointment, the commercial trucks you operate should be checked out from time to time as well. Road conditions and heavy use tend to push the wheels slightly out of alignment over time, and the tires on your vehicles can drift to the side or show uneven wear with the passage of the miles. Servicing these parts tends to make vehicles safer by reducing the risk of blowouts. Alignment and balancing also spread out the wear patterns and extend the life of your tires. Finally, having a properly balanced set of steer wheels makes trucks more responsive and easier to handle, further improving safety and making long-distance runs less demanding for the driver.

All the Wheels, Or Just Some of Them?

Some controversy exists over which sets of wheels should be aligned, or how many tires should be balanced, on a typical 18-wheeler. Though there isn’t a single right answer for that, it’s almost always a good idea to regularly align and balance your front set, since those get the heaviest use on the road. Front wheels are also vital to controlling the truck, so keeping them at the top of their performance range is almost always worth the commitment of regular service checks. As a rule, you should start thinking about a wheel alignment and tire balance every 20,000 miles or so, though that number varies a lot with vehicle weight, duty schedule and seasonal road conditions in Massachusetts.

Schedule A Truck Service Appointment at Bay State

Whatever schedule your trucks are on, the ASE-certified wheel and tire experts at Bay State Truck Service Inc. Service Inc. are here to keep you on the road. Give us a call at (413) 543-5577 to schedule a service, or stop by our Springfield, MA, service center for your trucks’ next wheel alignment and tire balance.